Name: Mr_Squid28 (Nick is ENTERNAL)
Real Name: Weston Niedens
Age - 15
Banned Before: No
Skype: Yes
Discord: Yes
Time: When available: Next two days, 3-4 hours. March 20-30ish Almost the whole time Ill be on. And All summer. Ill be online most of the day. I have divorced parents.
Position(s): Builder or Admin
Before Attributes:
-Head admin and regular admin on previous servers.
-Built entire survival world w/ scoreboard plugin and economy systems.
-Very skilled with redstone and command blocks.
-Able to use most plug ins but hard for me to patch spigots.

Why: I like being a member of staff so I can assist others. Sounds cheesy but it gives me a very nice sense of accomplishment when I see Thanks :) in chat. Also I like assisting the sever. This server has the nicest environment I've seen in a very long time. I think it was well worth the 30 $ I spent today just to support the server. I don't care about extra perks or benefits. In fact, if you hire me, you can just add my title and give me what I need to do my job. I am often not able to get on but for spring break and hopefully all of summer I will be able to. My parents are divorced so sue me. (Don't actually.) I assume you wanted my full name above to research me? I don't care just don't go hunting me down. Also a warning: I like giving people stuff so I would like to know the restrictions behind items.
Thanks for your consideration
Sincerely, Weston.
P.S. My email is for messaging if you need.