Mr_Squid28I put in [link] for the IP address, and I can't get on the server. Jason Help.
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Lyfez_Real Name: Josh

Age: 14

Timezone: Australia Eastern Standard time, Sydney

Banned Before: Nope Not On any Servers

Skype: Don't got one

How Often Do I Play I usually play around 3 and a half hours a Day

Why Should I get staff: In General I help a lot of people, I am usually pretty nice and social and I get along with anyone. I can tell if people are hackers because in previous experiences I knew a hacker before and seen many hack busting videos.

By submitting this application I agree To

I agree that I will not abuse my powers in any way shape of form

I agree that I am being completely truthful/honest in this application

I agree that this is 100% written by me and me only

I agree that I will be active on this server

I agree that I will not be unfair to any players or fellow staff members

Why has No One replied???????? Please Do
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